Applications Management

Applications Management
Applications Management
➤ Taking a highly collaborative approach, MAK provides you with both the lowest risk and the highest value application portfolio for your organization through our Application Development and Application Management services.
➤ Benefit upto 40% improvement in productivity for development projects and upto 35% reduction in support costs via our Service Desk, application support specialists and focused delivery teams.
➤ MAK provides you with multiple commercial models including FP, T&M, Volume based and Hybrid models with integrated onshore and offshore solutions.
➤ Benefit from new economies of scale with our unique and pragmatic global delivery model.
➤ Our incident and service request management processes are based on ITIL practices and guidance from the ISO 20000 standard for Service Management.
➤ Our proprietary Application Support transition framework will seamlessly help you to transition support services to MAK with no disruption. The support services transition consists of 3 distinct phases.
➤ MAK proposes the support and maintenance services (Care and Repair) to be SLA driven. SLAs and OLAs will be derived based on business needs and IT organization’s strategy.
➤ Application Support levels offered by MAK include L1 (Helpdesk support), L2 (Functional Support), L3 (Technical Support).
➤ MAK offers Service Delivery Management services providing with end to end ownership. All our Service Delivery Managers are atleast ITIL Foundation level certified with atleast 5+ years of experience in this function managing applications in both ERP and non-ERP environments including commercial applications / websites.